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More Sales and Organic Reach with YouTube

Establish trust with potential customers without coming off salesy

Drive sales through organic reach without relying on expensive paid ads

Establish your business as a leader in your industry and stay 'top of mind'

Build a fanatic community and benefit from excellent employer branding 


As Known From


If you don't take YouTube seriously
you don't take your business seriously

Achieve thousands of views organically

  • ​In times of expensive paid ads, YouTube offers a low customer acquisition cost alternative

  • The YouTube algorithm shows your videos to relevant people - it's automatic lead generation

Increase sales without coming off as salesy

  • With every video potential customers build more trust - it's like a subtle sales call

Build your brand and community

  • A channel enables you to talk about all the positive aspects of your business​

  • Great social media content is one of the best methods to gain motivated employees

Film Set

We Do YouTube For You -
No More Struggling To Grow


Strategy & Positioning

We have built channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers (repeatedly!) - we help you choose the right launch strategy. We position your company/brand so that it is destined to grow, taking into account supply/demand dynamics, your goals, your culture, etc.  


Video Ideas & Scripts (& Thumbnails)

We come up with hundreds of video ideas, thumbnail concepts and hooks every week. Then, we write video scripts better than Steven Spielberg! We make sure your videos captivate viewers and lead to noticeable increases in sales - while taking into account your specific goals.  


Recording & Editing and Animation

Great videos do not always have to be recorded with lots of effort. Either we show you how to set up a simple recording setup (and we edit the footage therafter). Or we produce movie-like videos with engaging animations - without you having to record anything. Our 10+ elite editors can do it.


Marketing & Scale

What's a video worth if nobody watches it? We help you reach your target demographic and integrate your YouTube strategy with your existing marketing strategy. As soon as we see first results, we start adressing a wider audience to generate even more views and leads. 

Business Conference

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Screenshot 2023-03-13 173440.png
Screenshot 2024-01-26 161106.png
Screenshot_20230902_203704_YT Studio.jpg
Screenshot 2024-01-26 161025.png
Screenshot 2024-01-26 160750.png
Screenshot 2023-09-24 155658.png
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Screenshot 2024-01-26 160931.png
Screenshot 2024-01-26 162319.png
Screenshot 2023-08-23 001150.png

What's Next In The Process?


Join the waitlist

Agency business... You're either running at full capacity or half of your team is bored. Right now we're packed. Join the waitlist and we'll contact you if we see fit and have capacity.


Launch call

The launch call is where we get to know you and learn about your business. We'll chat about your goals, your audience, and everything in between.


Channel launch

Our team of channel managers, writers, editors and designers will get to work immediately and help you seize the potential of a YouTube channel.

Leather Briefcase

Already have a YouTube channel and want us to suggest improvements

  • "The YouTube algorithm does not like our videos"... 

  • "Our niche is not suited for high views"...

  • WRONG! You are just not doing YouTube right

  • Why have a YouTube channel if you don't leverage its potential?

  • Get a full audit report with immediate action steps - implement them yourself or let us do the work

London City

Born at the Intersection of Media and Finance

Headquartered in the heart of London and Frankfurt. Our edge lies in being more than filmmakers – we're seasoned businesspeople.


It's the assurance that every frame, every storyline, and every creative choice is crafted with a strategic business mindset.


Trust us to deliver a compelling narrative that not only distinguishes your business but lands you more clients and drives results.


Kevin Worner

Kevin is Founder & Managing Director at Deus Media Group and has been on YouTube for more than 10 years. 

He has built a network of 12+ YouTube channels via buy & build strategy reaching millions of views per month. He did not start there though... When he was 16, he had a men's beauty YouTube channel. 

Kevin also serves as an executive producer for the German public TV's YouTube division: funk. Before that, he built and led a startup accelerator in China and invested in several creator economy startups. 



Kevin Marcaida

Kevin is a Managing Director at Deus Film and is responsible for operational excellence and partnerships.

Kevin has a background in Finance and Neuroscience having worked as a Investment Banker at Citibank and JPMorgan. He is a speaker at over 20 universities and has gained features in Forbes, Fortune and Reuters.

Kevin has a solid track record as a video producer and editor having previously built two YouTube channels, that has amassed over 15 million views. 

Just need an explainer video that hooks potential customers on your website?

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