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Land More Clients With An

How many potential customers land on your website and then don't buy?

Fact: Your prospect will only buy once they understand your offer.


That's why we're here to help you clearly explain your business in just 90 seconds.

DEUS FILM Is Trusted By


Explainer Videos Lead To More Clients

Helps you land paying customers

Helps prospects quickly understand your business

Gets your business noticed 

What Makes A Great Explainer Video?

Easy to understand

Highlights your selling points

Removes all doubt

Resonates with your audience

Placed in the right part of your website

Film Set

We Create Explainer Videos The Right Way - A TRUE DEUS FILM


We Are Better At Explaining Your Business

We are not just filmmakers – we are seasoned businesspeople. Our unique perspective allows us to understand and explain your business far better than your typical agency.


We Engineer Videos To Drive Results

We steer clear of generic, off-the-shelf explainer videos. Instead, we delve deep into your business, your unique selling points and your audience. We craft a suitable style and narrative that lands clients and drives results.


We Create Truly Captivating Videos

Our animators and writers are some of the best in the world ensuring that your business stands out and leaves lasting impressions. Deus Film is harder than Harvard with less than 3% hired.


We Plan For Your Success

We provide strategic advice and follow up with you on how to best use your video to maximize your results. Our commitment also means unlimited revisions, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Leather Briefcase

What To Expect In Your Strategy Session? 

In your free strategy session, we'll create a plan that suits your needs. We'll outline what to expect in your explainer video and share practical tips on how to make it work best for you.


What's Next In The Process?


The Launch Call

The launch call is where we get to know you and learn about your business. We'll chat about your goals, your audience, and everything in between.

Time Investment: 45 Min


The Narrative 

A professional writer will draft the narrative and screenplay for your video. We'll need you to review the script and provide us with your feedback.

Time Investment: 20 Min


The Animation

Our animators will weave together a draft. We'll need you to review and share your feedback. Once you are fully satisfied we'll send you your DEUS FILM.


Time Investment: 30 Min

London City

Born at the Intersection of Media and Finance

Headquartered in the heart of London and Frankfurt. Our edge lies in being more than filmmakers – we're seasoned businesspeople.


It's the assurance that every frame, every storyline, and every creative choice is crafted with a strategic business mindset.


Trust us to deliver a compelling narrative that not only distinguishes your business but lands you more clients and drives results.

You're One Explainer Video Away To Landing More Clients


Kevin Worner

Kevin is a Managing Director at Deus Film and is responsible for business strategy.

He is a recognized thought leader in the venture community having built and invested in technology companies across Europe & China, and has been featured by publications such as Fortune and Spiegel

Kevin has a strong track record as a executive producer with oversight of 10+ YouTube channels, which are seen by millions every month.



Kevin Marcaida

Kevin is a Managing Director at Deus Film and is responsible for operational excellence and partnerships.

Kevin has a background in Finance and Neuroscience having worked as a Investment Banker at Citibank and JPMorgan. He is a speaker at over 20 universities and has gained features in Forbes, Fortune and Reuters.

Kevin has a solid track record as a video producer and editor having previously built two YouTube channels, that has amassed over 15 million views. 










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